It comes down to flexibility

by | Mar 6, 2023


As the guests present at the Puinborrel were able to see, our contractor Manuel is in full swing with the renovation. You would think that this is going in the right direction, if it weren’t for the fact that we are renovating in Spain. From the very beginning, when the architect took the first plan to the town hall, we were told that the small house in front on the right may absolutely not be demolished. I repeat absolutely not! Now this little house was in such a bad condition with big cracks on the side that it could not be out of the question that it would collapse. And indeed it did.

And now for our MESA Prize contest? A. The cottage should come back immediately as it was not allowed to be demolished. B. The cottage is not allowed to be put back.
For those of you who already have some experience of building regulations in Spain, we will give the correct answer, Namely B. We have stopped to understand. Fortunately, our contractor is creative enough to come up with alternatives, because we did lose this storage space all of a sudden. As for the rest, good news construction continues at a tremendous pace. Target completion date is still 15 June, after which we can hopefully start mid-July. On the photos below you can see a bit of the progress.

Now that we have also opened a MESA establishment in the Netherlands, we immediately learn a lot of things we have to take into account. So we are actually already warming up a little for Benitachell. Last week we had a demonstration off the kitchen equipment and the layout, so this layout will also be ready in time. Because before you know it, we’ll be in June.

But before that happens, we will do something fun in May. Of course, you will receive an invitation from us in time then.

For now, hospitable greetings,