by | May 31, 2023


On Friday 26 May, an enjoyable farewell drink was organised for the outgoing owner Dian of Select restaurant. At 9 a.m. the next day, the first of what I think were eight friends enthusiastically tore down the building. Everything was torn down with abandon. The company Dumas (exterior design outdoor furniture) came in the morning to collect the terrace, which could be stored with them for some time. Well organised! Inside, everything that was standing or hanging was removed. When our contractor Trosset started on Monday with the work on the building, he was pleasantly surprised by what had already been removed. Our team of friends, family and colleagues really did a great job!

One of these days, the entire facade will come off to be replaced by a beautiful sliding door. Inside and outside will thus become one. The sliding doors will soon be able to be opened from two sides. Our new furniture is expected to arrive in Moraira around 15 June, so that the furnishing and finishing can be completed nicely in time. This month will also be used to compile the first menu. A menu with which we hope to surprise you. In it, our two chefs will incorporate their creativity in taste and presentation. Our team is now in place and will start some training sessions around 10 June so that everyone can start prepared on 1 July. We are expected to start MESA Moraira on Saturday 1 July. That will not be the official opening yet as we will celebrate in our own way and you will hear more about that later.

Progress at our other restaurant in Benitachell continues steadily. We are in regular contact with the authority in Valencia that has to deal with our file. Here, too, we expect to hear a bit more in the month of June, but whether that will be enough to continue construction we do not yet know. So there it is just a matter of waiting for further news. But as always, we will keep you informed of further developments. Continue to enjoy and hopefully see you soon.

With hospitable regards,