The location of Restaurant MESA

by | Sep 19, 2022


Why we chose this particular location for firstly, its at the foot of the Cumbre del Sol, meaning that anybody driving by cant help but notice us, hopefully curiosity will get the better of them and they’ll come and get to know us. It is also located next to the Mercadona, which minimizes noise disturbance. A big advantage for the wonderful music that will be played in our unique Ibiza lounge area. Another factor is that it is only 5 minutes outside Moraira on the road to Javea via Benitachell. A pleasant experience undisturbed by the summer crowds in the village of Moraira.

The next phase

The drawings have now been approved by our architect, which brings us to the next phase. The contractor will start demolishing (partially) the existing building in the first week of January. Our target time frame is to be ready in 6 months, So lets just say it will be a challenge! Recently someone told me that if a drop of rain falls it is the most normal thing in the world that everyone stops working immediately. Even if the building is now closed, will even the painters stop? Well, the month of March often characterizes itself as a rainy month, so we’ll say that it will be a laugh.

Now that we have finalized the drawings, we will also start preparing for the furnishing in October. A fun and above all creative project, because this determines our atmosphere, the experience that we would like to achieve for you. The question of what we can offer you and your expectations of it is also a point of discussion, we think that changing the menu frequently will be a pleasant surprise every time you visit us. Our thoughts go out to a changing card so that you are surprised every time you visit. Of course we will inform you of our first menu but more on that later.

Like always hospitable greetings,